World Land Trust

We are partnered with World Land Trust, an international conservation charity which protects the world's most biologically important and threatened habitats.

View their website here.

By planting trees through World Land Trust we are helping to restore forests that have been lost to deforestation. Habitat loss is one of the greatest threats to wildlife worldwide, and Ronin is supporting WLT's work with its network of in-country conservation partners to protect crucial habitats from threats such as agriculture, road building and mining. Sometimes the areas where our partners are working have already been cleared, and we must act now to restore the forests so that wildlife can return once more.

Whenever you place an order over £50, we will fund the planting and care of one tree to the point at which it can survive on its own. This includes collecting the seedling, preparing the land, planting the tree, tending to the sapling, and protecting the new forest. If anything happens to the tree, we'll plant another.

We plant trees throughout the world, focusing on habitats that need support most. Examples of habitats include Vietnam - countering Agent Orange - Atlantic Forests in Brazil, and Mount Kenya. We work with locals, providing work for local farmers or opportunities for school children.

Ronin Fightwear's dream is to see a world blessed with rich and bountiful woodland, and through our partnership with World Land Trust we are working to achieve this dream.